Our charming 550 sq/ft daylight studio is in the historic Pioneer Square. This space is geared toward portrait photography sessions and smaller productions, but is not limited to events, workshops, yoga sessions, & dinners!

The overall studio is 18' wide and 30' long and the shooting space is 18'x15'. There are three large windows facing west giving really good morning light and softer light thereafter. We have a cement wall that's painted grey, a white wall, and large windows. We have a mini kitchen with glasses for water. Additional amenities include: a huge Sony XB7 Bluetooth speaker w/ line-in for larger events, First Aid Kit, & tampons. Bathroom is down the hall. ABSOLUTELY NO GLITTER ALLOWED. We have over 100 year old floors, and I'd love to preserve its character and integrity.

Entrance to the building is on 1st Ave South, accessible by door code, our studio manager can buzz anyone in remotely. Our studio is located on the 3rd floor. If our studio manager is not on-site, there's a lockbox on the studio door knob to access the key. The freight elevator is accessible on M/Th, 10a-3p when building manager is on-site, but this MUST be scheduled.

There are a couple parking lots in the area and metered parking on the streets. The best parking lot is behind Pyramid Ale House for $10 all day on weekdays. We're right across the street from the WaMu Events Center, and near the stadiums, so plan your shoot or event accordingly.

production rate
Hourly - $80 per hour
Half Day - $350 - 5 Hours
Full Day - $625 - 10 Hours

2 hour min, all times include load in & out

This studio is across the street from the Century Link Field Events Center. The closest coffee shop is Cherry Street Coffee. There are 2 foods kiosks in the area; The People's Burger and the classic Seattle Hot Dogs. The Silver Cloud Inn also has Jimmy's Bar & Restaurant open to the public. Postmates & Amazon Prime Now both deliver to this building, as well.

grip equipment

We have all the necessary grip equipment and lighting for rental.

Photographer: media cart, 4 c-stands, 2 sandbags, 1 apple box, S and L white plywood pedestals, S/M/L clips, 3 mounted seamless, 10 short stools, 3 stools, 1 tall ladder, 1 step ladder, 2 sawhorses. 

Stylist, Hair & Make-Up Artist: 1 z-rack, 1 rustic clothing rack, hand steamer, lint-rollers, clips, mirror w/ lights, pop-up changing tent, full length mirror, short/tall stools, paper towels, tampons, 2 large tables, 1 foldable, table, fan, & space heater.

lighting rental (+$250)
2 Profoto D1 500 Heads Kit w/ Pocket Wizards; 60" octabank, 1 strip light, 2 zoom reflectors, and 1 x-large softbox modifiers.

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